11 x 17 Posters - Thurston County
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Some Thurston County Bees
We made this poster summer of 2016. Given the rather dismal weather we Puget Sounders are so far experiencing this year, we may have to accept 2017 as a quiet study year, where pollinators eek it out as best as they are able and garden fruit and seed productivity drops.

In the meantime here is this poster to enjoy.  Maybe you can identify a few of the bees -- our revised poster with names is a bit more than half-way complete.

These bees range from tiny sweat bees to large bumbles.  Most, but not all, of these bees are great pollinators - one is a "cuckoo bee", meaning that it lays its eggs in another bees nest, and does not gather pollen.

Below are two other posters that we previously shared, one of bumblebees, the other flies.

Click the caption titles for fat printable PDF versions.

Enjoy and bee well.

Bumblebees of Thurston County
Plants for Pollinators

Flower Flies


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