Bumblebees of Thurston County, WA

Nancy has spent a great deal of time becoming expert in spotting, photographing, and identifying our Thurston County WA bumblebees.  We hope you find this poster of bumblebees of our area helpful and enjoyable.

We have also uploaded a PDF version of the poster to Google Docs.

Our blog from 2012, Bumblebees of Thurston County, awaits an update but it is still very useful.

Finally, be sure and check out this.  Bumblebees of the Western United States is a poster available for only $9.00 from Pollinator Partnership, or downloadable as a free PDF.

And PP has a book, Bumble Bees of the Western United States
available for $15.00 spiral bound or as a PDF for free.  
Pollinator Partnership has a number of very good books.
Go to http://pollinator.org/books.htm and scroll down to find this one.

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